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Top 3 ProPicks for July!
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We carry some of the best products the cycling world has to offer, from Fizik saddles to SpurCycle Bells and the Athletic socks. Yet, there are a few products we’re going to highlight each month that we’re really excited about.

Here are our top 3 picks for July:


Pro Peloton Cuore Kits + Vest 

We teamed up with Cuore of Switzerland for this year’s custom Pro Peloton kits and we couldn’t be more impressed with the look and feel of each item. Cuore, which is Italian for ‘Heart,’ creates high quality cycling apparel with passion and precision. Our custom jerseys and bibs are part of their ‘Silver Level’ with great ventilation for the summer.


Sidi WireVent Carbon Shoes 

There’s a reason you see so many cyclists with a pair of Sidi’s on their feet – Sidi has been making cycling shoes since 1962. Their WireVent carbon model are lightweight, with the latest improved version of their Vent carbon design. The closure uses two different Techno3 ratchets, allowing you to get the closest, snuggest fit possible.


Kask Protone Helmet

The Kask Protone helmet was designed using an in-mold construction, meaning the polycarbonate shell is bonded to an EPS foam body. The shell then absorbs impact while keeping the structural integrity of the frame. If it’s safety features don’t have you sold, the helmet is the perfect combination of road and aero. It also comes in a variety of delightful colors and they’re a sponsor to Britain’s renowned Team Sky.


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