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Masters of Innovation: Seven Cycles
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Seven Cycles has been at the forefront of the custom bicycle industry since it’s founding in 1997. Since that time, the folks at Seven have become masters of innovation, introducing groundbreaking new design and manufacturing techniques. They pioneered the rider-specific tube set design. They created the first of it’s kind titanium-carbon road frame. And they have created the industry’s first 5E fork, among other notable creations.


Since 2004, Seven has done all their painting and tube butting in-house. More custom bike building is done under their roof in Massachusetts (more than 300 years!) than anywhere else. And they offer more models than any other builder.

Like other custom builders, each bike is tailored to the rider. However, Seven is the only custom builder to offer rider-specific steel tube sets and conduct systematic rider interviews as part of the build process. Their entire build process – from start-to-finish – is focused entirely on the rider. Each customer can even track their bicycle using the ‘Where’s My Frame?’ feature on their website.



While all of their bicycles are custom made in the US, Seven also sources the majority of their materials domestically, including titanium and carbon tubing.

We’re proud to offer the best products to our customers and Seven Cycles is no exception. We have a few demo bikes in stock, so come take them for a test ride. And check out our Bespoke Bicycles Demo Day on July 17th. More information here.


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