Handmade. Handbuilt. Hand-assembled.

Premium bikes shouldn’t be assembled simply to manufacturer standards. They’re built for you. And this is not where you come when you need an out-of-the-box solution. Here, every bike is rider-tuned and assembled to perform. That means we focus on your needs first, and build the bike from there.

Pro Peloton offers two unique full-build options for your new bike:


Perfection, or nothing.

Pro Peloton’s custom program provides a complete open canvas for you to design and construct your perfect bike. Custom bicycles say something about the rider. When you choose a custom build and assemble, it means that you know the difference between the best and everything else.

We’ll start with your selected brand, and talk a little bit about your riding style, goals and needs.  Then, after our  extensive measurement and fit session, we’ll also discuss your requirements for components, accessories and extras. Soon after, you’ll return to the shop to pick up the bicycle by which all others will be measured. There is no compromise in the Pro Peloton custom program. There’s only perfection.

An upgrade from the everyday.

There are still several opportunities to customize your ride, even if you choose a stock-geometry frame from our library of options. We’ll work with you to customize your ride kit of components, accessories and fit, and you’ll leave with a rider-tuned bicycle professionally personalized to you.

To schedule your build, contact us today.