We’re your own personal team mechanic.

A bicycle at the top of the food chain can expose a bad mechanic quickly. When everything is tuned perfectly, one stuck jockey wheel, over-torqued bolt or stretched cable can feel monumental. That’s why our service technicians are among the industry’s best, each with a pedigree that could just as easily be found in the professional peloton. It’s not just because we’re committed to the absolute best pedaling experience you’ve ever had – it’s because the finest ride machines need the best upkeep, and nothing less.

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Level 2 Tune Up for the cost of a Level 1 Tune Up //$55 savings

-All drivetrain components removed and cleaned in our heated parts washer

-Your bike gets a full cleaning in our bike wash

-Wheels trued -Front and rear brakes adjusted

-Front and rear derailleurs adjusted

-Hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings adjusted

-All bolts torqued to spec

-Chain and cables lubed

-50% off of any additional labor needed (brake bleed, cable install, bearing install, etc)

Suspension Service Special // up to $30 savings

-Free seals with rear shock or fork overhaul, seals vary in price from $18-$30

-Rear shock overhaul

includes tear down and cleaning of shock and all air seals replaced and lubed

-Fork Service includes removal and cleaning of lower legs and replacement of dust wiper seals, air piston seal and oil

20% Off of any service items needed

-Discount on service items needed to complete your work order

-Service items include chains, tires, tubes, cables, brake pads, etc

50% off Tubeless Conversion // $30 savings

20% off Clement Tubeless Ready Tires with a tubeless conversion!

-Normally $60 for both wheels…now $30

-Includes taping rims and sealant -Valves 20% off

50% Off Hydraulic Disc Brake Overhaul // $40 savings

-All fluid drained and replaced… above and beyond a standard bleed which just removes trapped air

-Pistons reset and lubricated for smooth actuation and full retraction

-Normally $80 for front and rear brakes, now $40

-Rotors cleaned and straightened