PHOTO GALLERY: From The Musette / Lentine Alexis + Will Frischkorn

PHOTO GALLERY: From The Musette / Lentine Alexis + Will Frischkorn
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We had a fantastic time with Lentine Alexis and Will Frischkorn of Cured at the November edition of our From The Musette series. If you weren’t here, well here are the pairings you missed. All of Lentine’s creations make awesome “real food” for your ride. You may want to save the liquor and beer for after the ride. But that’s your call.

Pairings Menu:

Comté Gougeres: classic french savory pastry w/fresh herbs
w/Moulins de Gassac Pinot Noir

Brown Sugar Tofu + Mushroom Spring Rolls: strangely perfect for pockets!
w/Telluride Brown Ale

Date + Pecan Bars: cacao, flax, pecans, dates, pumpkin seeds, nutmeg
w/aged CapRock Peach Brandy…

Kabocha Squash + Olive Oil Cake w/Bittersweet Chocolate: nutmeg infused w/chunks of chocolate + an olive oil glaze w/Maletti Amaro ( Find the recipe here >> )

Lentine Alexis creates recipes that fuel athletes and adventures. She enjoys sharing her pastries, treats and cooking with others around the globe. Find out more about Lentine here >>

Our good friends at Cured offer hand-picked selection of cheeses, charcuterie, wines, Colorado beers and spirits, and unique grocery items, all carefully chosen to help enliven an everyday meal. Check them out!



Find the recipe to this amazing cake here  >>






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