The Most Coveted Mosaic

The GT-1: The Most Coveted Mosaic
The GT-1: The Most Coveted Mosaic
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Previously, the dream was little more than an illusion. It was something hoped for, like the shimmering image of an oasis floating over the punishing heat of deserts sands. A vain search ending in disappointment.

The desire was for one bike. A single vehicle that would allow for endless exploration, both internal and external, regardless of the terrain. To pedal with effortless grace over glass­-smooth freshly laid tarmac or to conquer the path unpaved, that faint line on the map.


In the past these varied pursuits meant comprise. A bike that would prove capable in one realm would inevitably prove wanting in an other. The choices on offer made the ideal an impossibility. The pendulum would swing from one end to the other, never coming to a place of balance.

The Mosaic GT-­1 changes all of that. It takes all the competing and contradictory demands and resolves them in perfect harmony. Here is a bike capable of all that might be asked of it. It exceeds expectations by defying them. It is the seamless unity of form and function, driven by passion and constructed with perfection.The bike morphs with an ease that gives chameleons fits of envy. It changes with your mood, the terrain, the weather, or any combination of the three.


Throwing the hammer­-down on the mid­week road ride? Run the skinny tires and let the watts fly. Going out and finally taking that left hand turn that you always ride by on the way home? You know the one. It’s steep, oh­-far-­too-­steep, gravel, and leads to destinations unknown. Put on the 700×38 tires, the widest the bike is cable of taking, and see where the unknown leads.

The GT­-1, in addition to all its capabilities, is also a Mosaic. These means you get a precision crafted bike, welded by the hands of a master. Boulder is an incubator for evolutions and revolutions in the world of cycling. Mosaic, having been born in this environment, is now the standard. It is the bar all the others will need to strive for. In the end, you get more than a bike. It is the relentless pursuit of a vision.


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